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Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller ENOUGH SAID… AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING!  ANY CELEBRITY mom would love to have a stroller like this…and have the Paparazzi take photo’s!

The first thing I noticed about this stroller was the chic/light look of this umbrella stroller. The Joovy Groove stroller has a frame made of aluminum with a sturdy 600D fabric. What is super important for me to look for in a stroller is the storage, you need to have a large under basket and this one defiantly does!! It also has  2 cup holders  and a zipper pocket…. And!!!!  2 extra mesh pockets for everything.. You will never be without a extra diaper, pair of underwear or snack again! Worry about the sun is also important the oversized canopy keeps your child protected and they won’t complain the sun is in their eyes.

A BONUS!!!! It has an adjustable footrest for leg support, 5 point harness and  unlimited recline positions to 146 degrees. It really is hard to find an umbrella stroller that can do all of this and not be as big and heavy as a regular stroller. It only weighs 17 lbs, accommodates a taller toddler and is good for kids  ages 6 months and up to 55lbs.


The Joovy Groove umbrella stroller Available in Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black retails for $199!



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I received a stroller in return for a review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Love this stroller!

  2. would love to win a joovy groove or any of your products have 3 grandkids!

  3. Love this absolutely amazing :) would be so lucky <3 to win !! Excited ..
    Thanks for posting this Hollywood hot momS!!!

  4. Love this absolutely amazing would be so lucky <3 to win !! Excited ..
    Thanks for posting this Hollywood hot momS!!!

  5. Would love to win this!

  6. I have friends that own Joovy double strollers and sit and stands and swear by the brand :)

  7. Want one!!!

  8. Joovy is a wonderful company and this stroller is great!

  9. I love this stroller!!! This would be great for my baby!

  10. Would LOVE to try this stroller out! Looks great!

  11. I would LOVE to try one of these Joovy stollers!! They look great!

  12. I have been wanting one of these strollers for while now! I LOVE that there is a decent canopy AND a basket on this “umbrella” stroller! I’ve only owned the cheap “umbrella” stroller that have either NO canopy or just a dinky little one that doesn’t block anything! And NEVER had a basket before on an umbrella stroller! This looks like a fantastic product!

  13. Major stroller envy!!! Love it!!!

  14. This stroller looks amazing. It’s compact enough to fit in the car easily and looks great to take my baby shopping in! I really hope my little family wins this one. Thanks Hollywood hot Moms.

  15. Awesome stroller!!

  16. find this giveaway on FB.

  17. Found the giveaway on Hollywood Hot Mom’s Facebook Post ;)

  18. Loving this stroller for my baby boy, this is a great giveaway thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Find it on FB

  20. facebook

  21. love it

  22. I found this giveaway here (well, on this blog’s facebook page!)

    • Oh – and LOVE the Joovy! It’s beautiful and looks so much better overall than my current Combi Cosmo set.

  23. I love my Joovy Caboose, but it’s time for an umbrella stroller…I would love to win one!

  24. I would LOVE one of these strollers! Thanks!

  25. i LOVE the neon yellow!!! i am a HHM and Joovy facebook fan! i am in my third trimester and really need a new stroller!!

  26. I love Joovy! Sure I hope I win a new Joovy Groove!

  27. Love Joovy! Sure hope to win this awesome prize!

  28. Love the Groove stroller! And the Greenie color is too cute – would LOVE to win this for my little girl!

  29. I would love to have a smaller and awesome stroller to use these days.

  30. Awesome stroller!

  31. would love to win a joovy groove!!

  32. would love to win a joovy groove!

  33. found this giveaway on FB

  34. The Joovy bikes we have are amazing I bet the stroller would be great too

  35. Wow, this umbrella stroller sounds amazing. I love that it has cupholders & so light. I would love the blueberry color.

  36. I hope I’m a lucky winner!

  37. Hope I’m a lucky winner!

  38. Love! Love! Love the Groove!

  39. This would be perfect. Would love the Orangie or Blueberry

  40. This would be awesome! would love the Orangie and Black

  41. Blueberry would NOT let me enter it in the blank

  42. I need this to carry one of my grandbabies,looks easy to use an handle

  43. LOVE the COLORS!!! What an awesome giveaway!

  44. what to win this sooooo badly!!

  45. hope i win!!!!!!!

  46. these look amazing! I would love to win this stroller!

  47. would love to win one of these!

  48. Stephanie Selarka

    Fingers crossed. Moving to a big city and need something like this!

  49. Would love this stroller! Thanks Hollywoodhotmoms!

  50. This stroller looks great

  51. What a cute and stylish stroller !

  52. Want it! Enough said

  53. Would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. SWEET! I would love one!!

  55. I want one of these strollers. I love joovy!

  56. I would LOVE to win the Joovy Groove! Joovy strollers rock!

  57. Found you on Facebook!

  58. I love my joovie room!! would love to win the stroller!!!

  59. I found out about this giveaway from the Joovy Facebook Page. I would like to thank you for the great giveaway!

  60. i want this ….

  61. Awesome. I could really use an umbrella stroller.

  62. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway! I absolutely love Joovy. They have so many great products. I could definitely use a new Groove stroller!

  63. I saw this awesome giveaway on the Facebook page! These look like awesome strollers!!

  64. I know it is a total long-shot but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! Somebody…okay, 3 somebodies are going to and I don’t see why one of those couldn’t be me. Since I can’t win if I don’t enter….

  65. i relly,really need to win this,please .?it is a awsomre prize .

  66. Love it! Heard about this on facebook! Love the Blueberry! Thanks!

  67. I found this giveaway through the link that Joovy posted on Facebook

  68. Blueberry! I saw the giveaway on HHM FB page

  69. I found this linked by Joovy on facebook. What an awesome giveaway

  70. I would love to win!

  71. Love Joovy! This would be a great stroller to have at the ready!

  72. This is an awesome giveaway!! Thank you! I’ve been looking a good umbrella-like stroller, I would love to win this!!

  73. I would love to win this!! What an awesome give away! :)

  74. This is an awesome giveaway!! Thank you! I’ve been looking for a good umbrella-like stroller, I would love this one!!

  75. Would love to win the Joovy Groove!

  76. Love Joovy gear!

  77. We are traveling soon to adopt a 4 year old son with hip displacia. This stroller would be perfect for him!

  78. I love how great this stroller is, I would love to give one a try!

  79. We are traveling soon to adopt and bring home a 4 year old son born with hip displacia. This stroller would be perfect!

  80. From fb! When I was originally looking at the orbit system!

  81. awesome stroller for either of my kiddos!

  82. We are traveling soon to adopt a 4 year old son who was born with hip dispacia. He has trouble walking and this stroller would be great for him!

  83. I love Joovy!!

  84. I love Joovy !

  85. thanks for a chance to win hollywood hot mom

  86. getting ready for the baby… really want/need to win! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!! :)

  87. Soooo awesome! Would love to win one of these awesome prizes!!!!

  88. Love joovy

  89. Love This!

  90. Canopy looks amazing!

  91. Canopy looks amazing. Looking forward to giving it a test drive :)

  92. Would love to win!

  93. I already have the Joovy jogger, which I love! The Joovy Groove would be a great addition for my 9 month old daughter. I love the Greenie color….neon is in this season!

  94. I would love to win this great stroller for my daughter :)

  95. what an awesome giveaway.

  96. I would love to have a Joovy for my daughter:)

  97. I would love to have this stroller. I have the Caboose Ultralight and LOVE it. This would be good to have a smaller stroller.

  98. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this in Greenie for my little girl!

  99. Hope I win, thanks for the chance!

  100. Found this giveaway on Joovy’s FB page

  101. I would love to win this, it would be so perfect because right now i need a light weight stroller. I loving it

  102. Love this stroller!! Want one!

  103. Love this stroller!!! Want one!

  104. Joovy products are fantastic! I’ve been dying for this stroller!!

  105. Love this stroller. Want one!

  106. Love this stroller!!

  107. I would LOVE to win this Joovy! I’ve been looking at it for when we need an umbrella type stroller.

  108. This would perfect for our trip to Disney with a 2 year old! Please pick me!! I have been wanting a Joogy forever!

  109. So perfect for our trip to Disney! Please pick me!!

  110. I would LOVE to win this stroller!

  111. I love anything Joovy! A new Groove would be awesome since my oldest is growing out if the caboose. I can finally switch to a single stroller!

  112. I would love to win one of these!

  113. I found the giveaway on facebook!

  114. I would choose a Black stroller!

  115. Great stroller! I’d love to win one!

  116. This looks like a great stroller! I’ve heard many good things about it! :-)

  117. I would love to win this stroller!

  118. absolutely love this joovy grove stroller!

  119. absolutely LOVE this joovy groove stroller!!

  120. Loving the blueberry!

  121. This is an awesome stroller! I love it! I love the color choices too! I would get either the blueberry or the greenie! Fun colors! I love all the storage and all the extra’s it comes with! It would be so nice to have with my three year old!

  122. I would love this joovy,…its so light :)

  123. This seems like a great stroller, so lightweight

  124. great stroller for traveling

  125. I would love to have either blueberry or black!

  126. Would love one!!!!!

  127. Would Love Love LOVE ONE!

  128. we desperately need a new umbrella stroller! Fingers crossed we win a BLUE stroller!

  129. Would absolutely love to win this!

  130. Love the look of this stroller. We’re heading to Florida later in the season and I’d love to have this with us!

  131. Would love to win this small stroller!!!

  132. I would LOVE to win this adorable and functional stroller! I am having my first child so have nothing – this would make a wonderful start.

  133. i love the black colored!!

  134. found this amazing giveaway on facebook. o the loves of being a mom of four i wouldnt trade a single day.

  135. I would like to win the Joovy Groove for my family! We have a 1 year old and need an umbrella stroller as the “travel” system strollers are just too bulky!

  136. Found out about thsi giveaway on facebook.

  137. I would love to win this! I am a 32 year old new Momma and am having a hip replacement, so having a nice new stroller so I can actually push my little one pain free will be awesome!!

  138. Love the Greenie Joovy!

  139. Omg I can’t afford a strolled and need one really bad please…I want to win this

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