Smiles; They Are Contagious. Pay It Forward! WIN $500

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Published on November 19, 2013 with 162 Comments

Disclosure: I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. I received complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Smiles; They Are Contagious. Pay It Forward! WIN $500

Smiling has always been the one thing I was not afraid to do! I had perfect teeth and a smile that can be described as infectious. At times, I did start to get self concious, because my lower teeth started to shift as I got older. Invisalign has truly changed my smile! In a short 6 months my teeth are shifting and straightening out.  See below the difference! It is AMAZING!

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Before Photo:  Credit: Hot Moms Club


6 months later : Photo credit Hot Moms Club

6 months later : Photo credit Hot Moms Club



 was generous enough to give me a $500 gift card to PAY IT FORWARD. I immediatly decided that I was going to sponsor a booth at our elementary school gala. All monies will go towards art, sports and science activities and I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

 You have the opportunity to win $500 for you and $500 for a friend.  Who would you give it to? Leave a comment below and tell us!!!   

Invisalign’s Smile It Forward Sweepstakes

Pay It forward win $500

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  1. I’m a 61 year old grandma & always covered my mouth when I laughed or kept my lips.closed even when I smiled because my teeth are crooked, so now I’m thinking could Invsalign be able to straighten teeth like mine? It’s never too late… right?

    • admin

      Alice it is definetly never too late if the Ortho agrees :) we need to do things to help us feel as confident as we can no matter what age we are :) xxoxoox

    • my parents paid alot of money to fix my teeth when I was young then I had my wisdom teeth out 2 of them were impacted so they had to do surgery well my dentist should of told me to have my wisdom teeth out before I had my braces off because now I have a huge gap on my upper teeth right in the front my two big teeth and I feel so self conscience about it so I hardly smile anymore I would like to fix them but i am on disability and can’t afford it between paying rent and having to oay for things I need that food stamps won’t pay for I get low on my disability money fast!!! would you please help me so I can smile again? SANDRA BOGUMINSKI

  2. i would give me to my neighbor

  3. I had braces twice when I was younger. now my son needs them. It would be great to have him have straight the without having to come out of that big money as a single mom. So I would give him the other $500 and we could both put our money together and get the braces for him to have a beautiful smile.

  4. I would give it to my friend Shelly who needs to have her molar pulled. It’s infected her sinus wall and has cost her $800.00 so far. She still needs to come up with the money to get her mouth n sinus cavity taken care of. Praying I win so I can help her out!!

  5. I would definitely give it one of my good friends Toni who is a single mom like me. We have shared so many similar struggles through our 15 year friendship and we’ve been there for each other through it all. It would be nice for both of us to be able to have a stress free holiday this year and winning would most definitely be a blessing!

  6. I would help my church get the sewer fixed at camp, so we can help out more troubled youth next summer.

  7. I would give it to my dad and whatever I won I would also give it away to my bff who is a single mom of 2 and even though we both have been through the same struggles, she def deserves it more than I do. I just hope I win!

  8. I would give it to my mom & sister as it’s been a stressful couple years.

  9. I would give it to my mother in law because she has helped me with anything and everything for the past 3 years. She’s put out so much money for me for so many different things, took me in out of a broken home when my mom moved and my father constantly was drinking and doing drugs around me, and I don’t know how I could ever thank her. Hoping I win so I can give her the $500 as a thank you for everything she has done for me.

  10. Mybest friend in the world is one of the best people I know. She is such a good person that she puts the rest of us to shame with her kind hearted nature and zest for life. She volunteers as much as possible and is always the rock for many of her friends, often at the sake of her own needs. But, for the past 2 years she has struggled with chronic back pain caused by a few ruptured discs and exacerbated by her physical ticks from tourettes. The pain is so bad that she can’t get out of bed somedays, and most days she just can’t do what a normal 29 year old woman could or would like to do. She has been unable to work long term because of this and the short jobs she has been able to get can’t nearly pay for the surgeries and physical therapy she has had to endure.

    I can’t say I deserve the $500 if I were to win, but she sure as heck does and if I were to win she’d be getting half of my half as well.

  11. I would share with my friend Veronica
    Cuz she the one worried bought my molar
    That is puncturing into my lower sinus that
    Has been causeing me to have a constant
    Headache for months

  12. I would give it to my dear friend who generously agreed to take care of the infant of a woman who was going to jail. It was supposed to be for a few weeks, but it ended up being almost a year. Despite having six children of their own, my friend’s family paid for diapers and formula, provided toys and clothes, rocked the baby through sleepless nights, nursed her through illness, knowing that there would be no reward, no happily ever after with the baby. Loving this little girl who would never be theirs was a wrenching experience and one of the most selfless thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  13. *I’ve always believed {my own} philosophy ••• that winning doesn’t mean very much UNLESS I’m able to help someone who would also benefit. **2 wks ago my momma calls me (she lives in TX & I in AL) … saying her jaw hurts. Each time I talked to her new syptoms arose & it was getting worse QUICK! Finally my uncle took her in to see a dentist. ABCESSED tooth. She got scripts for antibiotics&pain but ultimately needs a root-canal OR an extraction BUT that tooth is part of a bridge, SO that bridge must be removed first!!! **my momma is on a VERY limited income. {Currently she is getting medical care thru a County Healthcare Program} HOWEVER they do not cover the procedure she will need done. She was referred to another dentist (not on the program) & well …. its very costly.**IF I WERE TO WIN WIN I’D DEFINITELY HELP MY MOMMA! :•) **thank you for a wonderful opportunity & congrats to whoever wins**
    ★our BLESSING come from above★

  14. I would use mine to help a needy family I know…this would help make Christmas happen for 6 little kids!

  15. I would.definitely give the money to my bestfriends.daughter to.put towards school.clothes.or anything else she may need much like mine would pretty much daughter.

  16. I’m 32 yrs old and I’m embarrassed of my teeth. I would love to have a beautiful smile to show the world. I have 6 kids and if I win $500 for me, then $500 to give to a friend…my friend will be my mom. My mom is the one and only that I would give any money to help her out. To show that I really do appreciate her being there for me, always.

  17. If Invisalign would let me I would give the entire $1000 to my youngest daughter. Kaitlin is 21 and truly a beautiful young woman,she’s a mom with a beautiful baby girl and she is sweet, generous, funny and BROKE. Kaitlin has been slowly working her way towards braces to fix her teeth. A lot of work needs to be done to pave the way to straight teeth and a beautiful smile. It would be such a blessing for her to be able to get Invisalign and for her to finally be happy with her smile.

  18. My teeth started to shift on the top and bottom after the removal of a top and bottom molar. It would be fantastic to have them corrected. I would pay it forward to a family member in need of braces.

  19. I would give both to my husband. He never smiles. He is trying to fix his teeth little by little because he feels guilty spending money on himself for appearance sake. But what he doesn’t realize is how much it limits his smile and laughter and sometimes he feels unapproachable to our son. If he is given this I know he will pay it forward, I’d like him to do it with a big beautiful smile.

  20. I would give that money to my daughter to have a better birthday and Christmas this year. Anyway, God bless you all. Ida, from Albania.

  21. I would give it to my brother who lives in El Salvador. He lived in this country for a long time and loves/loved it. But had to go back about 15 years ago. And is having a hard time there, adapting to a new life without all his family because we are all in this country. I think he would be able to do a lot there with that money. It would be a great blessing for all of us. Thank you

  22. I would give it to my daughter if I won. I hacollve been a single mom and when her father died it was really hard on her. She is trying to go to college and work three jobs. She needed braces when she was younger but I was unable to afford them and she a beautiful young lady who deserved to smile.

  23. I have and always have had my two front teeth that stick out. I do t know if it’s because my bottle sucking when I was younger or not. Now that I am married my husband makes me feel good about how beautiful I am everyday and because of him I love my smile now more than I ever did before.

  24. If I had 500 cash it would help my family out so much. My husband is our number one sole provider. Because of him I am able to go back to school and try to do something with my life. I am trying to get my associates degree in accounting. Winning the money would help us iut so much, it would help with bills and other expenses we have in raising our two kids. My husband is the most amazing man ever and I would love to be able to do something good for him, like he continues to do for our family.

  25. My Father had 6 kids by three wife’s & I’m the only one that didn’t get braces as a child but needed & deserved them the most. I’ve been called pretty & have a nice smile but the dentist would agree i definitely need work done. It would mean the world to me to have straight normal looking teeth, but not possible for me without health or dental insurance. Please Help!

  26. I would give it to my mother! She is a beautiful woman but very self conscious of her smile and teeth. I would love to be able to do that for her

  27. I cover my mouth every time I smile. My teeth were straight until I had my daughter and now they are all shifting! I totally feel you there! I went for an interview and covered my mouth the entire time! I was so embarrassed when I left! I’d give the extra $500 to my cousin. She has a large family on a teachers salary. I know she could use it!!

  28. Smiling is a way to say Hello around the world. I’m in my mid 50′s and would love to just say Hello internationally. Thanks for the offer. J Opalka

  29. Help a child in need !

  30. I would give it to my town’s Family Care and Food Pantry as they have helped me when I was in a jam. It would able them to help others in similar situations.

  31. I would give it all to Second Chance Refuge. My friend Jim Bronzo rescues animals. Go to his website and get a first hand view of what he does. It is funded by donations and Jim’s artwork.

  32. I have always been told my mom and I have the same smile. I get complimented on my smile (even though my teeth are not the straightest). So I would give them to my mom. I think her smile is perfect but i know she feels self conscious abher smile because of her teeth not being straight. She has gone through alot her past few years and you have no idea how awesome it feels when I see one of her teeth smiles knowing my sisters and I could have lost her but she is still her <3

  33. After beating stage 4 breast cancer 5 yrs ago I’m going to be a nanna. Yes my cancer has come back in other places but I’m not done down here. I go to the mall or where ever and I give my smile away . Its really all I can afford with the medical bills and the thing missing the most with people I meet. Your right most smile back so I say give it first so they can give one back. Plus there free but priceless. Maybe it could change someones day.

  34. I would give it to my stepmom harriet davis ,because we lost my dad last year, & she has many bills , & no money left over to pay for something like this, that could help her teeth be as beautiful as she is ,a beautiful person, with a generous heart. She so deserves it.

  35. I would give $500.00 to someone that really needs it. I know times are tough and there are more people that could use the money.

  36. I would pay it forward by giving it to my 23 year old daughter. she had braces and then her teeth returned back to their normal position, so they need fixed again

  37. I was born with beautiful teeth. I had a beautiful smile. But when I was about 16 that beauty began to fail me. I contracted a bacteria that way through my teeth terribly. My parents did what they could but without dental coverage it was to a small avail. Every tooth in my mouth is filled. Two are crowned. With 9 more that need crowning. But at 700$ a peice that looks unlikely. I haven’t smiled it about 10 years. My daughter seems to take after her mother. And thankfully not to many fillings. But her teeth are very misshapen. And alot bout she should smile all the time. She looks at me. And when I ask her why she doesn’t smile she says well you don’t mom. My teeth are ugly mom. How can I? What do you say to an 8 year old. When you yourself can’t bring yourself to smile. She needs braces desperately. I can’t afford them. I would really appreciate the opportunity to tell her that someone else believes she should smile to. That money would let her know that others want to help her smile. She deserves that. I hope you understand how much. Thank you.

  38. I was teased and bullied as a teenager because of my teeth. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I would love to finally fix mine as well as be able to give the gift to my friends daughter who doesn’t have the means to on her own.


  40. I would give the card to my husband. He’s family could not afford braces for him as a child and he is very self consious of not only their crookedness but of there discolor because of it. If he had the procedure done, I believe his self-confidence would grow exponentially.

  41. I would pay it forward to my Sister! She is an awesome mother. She is a stay at home mom and also home schools her boys. Her husband is working as a track and field coach at a Christian university but it’s mostly volunteer work since funds for the sports department are low. It’s been very hard for them financially these past couple of years. They never ask anybody for help and yet are always thinking of others. I’d be a huge blessing if they could receive this gift. I know for sure they’d be forever grateful!

  42. I would give 250 a piece to my kids for whatever they wanted! They have been my whole world for 14 yrs. They are 13 & 14. They have been so understanding in misfortunate Christmas gifting and birthday mishaps due to my financial situation. I haven’t worked in over 4 yrs. It has been veryyy hard and even harder trying to explain to them at times that our utilities or water could be cut off nearly every other month. I would use mine to pay bills up so I could breathe stress free for 2 months and fix my truck. My children are the most supportive and understanding teenagers about living on a strict and almost obsolete pocket book! They are my WORLD!
    As for my teeth…. I am a cancer survivor of almost 30 yrs. ALL Leukemia.
    Thank the good lord above!
    I am scheduled for 6 to be cut out next month. I havent smiled in a long time without covering my teeth :(

    and once I got pregnant my teeth started breaking off all over! I havent had a cleaning in over 6 yrs :( which doesnt help the situation but

  43. My parents they are struggling so bad right now

  44. There’s a little boy in my community who’s around the same age as my son, 2, and I would give the money to him and his mommy because he’s battling cancer. They need the money to travel from Maine to Boston all the , and to help pay for his chemo treatments. #TrippsTeam (:

  45. I would give it to my mom. Her smile has always been infectious for me. When she smiles the whole room lights up. And she has always been there for me.

  46. If I won, I would give it to my friend Amanda. She is a single mom of a little boy with Autism. She is also pregnant with a little girl. With the holidays coming up, she could benefit from it, and I know she would appriciate it.

  47. I would give it to my dear friend Staci, she has driven me to my stroke rehab every day without ever asking for gas money!

  48. I’d share with my mom. She made sure I had a beautiful smile when I was a teen because she regretted not following her orthodontist’s advice. My bottom teeth have shifted since I’ve gotten older. I’d love to help her be proud of her smile.

  49. I would give it to my sister because they have come through a long hard journey while her husband was getting through the California highway police academy. After having broke his leg during his first try had to try again the next year. He was only home on weekends and my sister and her four girls ran their little farm on there own. He graduated in Nov. And now there moving to where he is placed. It has been a long hard journey and a costly one. A $500 gift would be great to give them all.

  50. We have a newborn and lots of medical bills so the $500 would come in handy. I would give the other one to my mom. She works really hard and isn’t able to do anything fun for herself. She really deserves to relax a little and she’d probably use some for bills too.

  51. I would give the one for myself to my Mom… When I lost my front tooth, she wrote out a check in order for me to get an implant. Although it cost more than $500, it would at least give her back half of what she paid for
    My surgery. The other card i would give to my best friend, who during a hard time in my life helped me. Without thinking she gave and gave and when my electric got shut off because I lost my job and my husband was laid off, she paid to get it put back on. She has done so much for me and I have yet to be able to pay her back.

  52. I lost my two front teeth in a car accident at 16. I have 3 kids and have never had the money to get anything permanent done. I have always had a partial that I can’t sleep in, falls out, and is a different shade than the rest of my teeth. I know what it’s like to ALWAYS be worrying about your smile. If I won, pay it forward to the local charity in charge of the Chritmas for kids to help them buy toys for the less fortunate children in my area.

  53. I am a mom, paraeducator and nursing student and I would use it to helppay for books and materials needed to help me accomplish my goal of being a nurse. Then I would give the other 500 to another student that’s is also struggling financially so they can buy materials to help them with school costs.

  54. I would give 500 to a friend of mine whose daughter has leukemia and their medical bills are through the roof. since its close to christmas I’m sure it would be an amazing gift to help even just a little. I would then use the 500 to do what I have wanted and put up one of the little library’s outside of my house but have not been able yet due to the cost.

  55. I live in a sober environment. Alot of the people here have done alot of damage to their teeth. So I would give it to them to get a fresh start.

  56. I would give it to my husband his teeth are so bad, we have three kids a home n all bills take all his money he works 60 hrs a week to make ends meet and no insurance, he’s such a wonderful deserving person

  57. I’d give it to my mother, because I owe no one more and she gives without ever putting her own needs first!

  58. My fiance has a gum disease that runs in his family so he had to get a partial for the top teeth but his teeth continue to fall out piece by piece and I know he would love to get the rest fixed and have more confidence For our big day when we get married!! :)

  59. I would give it to my son as when he was young and in need of braces I couldn’t afford them, now he is in charge of his own dental hygiene and I know that Invisilign is on the list of things to do when he has finished his sport commitments. :-)

  60. My sister has always wanted to have her teeth fixed and my parents who made sure we always had what we needed couldn’t afford to have it done. So i would love for my baby sister to finally have her beautiful smile perfected!

  61. Im 18 years old and im a single mother to my 19 month old son and I had a pretty hard relationship with my ex partner and I never smiled because I was so unhappy but everytime I would see my best friend she was always so happy and smiling about anything and everything and she taught me how to smile and not let anything get me down I would give 500 dollars to my friend because her smiling and her outlook on life taught me a lot and changed my life :)

  62. I would use it to close the gap between my front teeth. I am soo self conscious about that since I was little.

  63. I would give it to my big sister because she has always wanted her teeth fixed.. And I think she deserves it because she helped raise me! And the one thing I know she wants more than anything is to get braces ..I think it would change her life and I’d be happy for her because I’m so thankful for all she’s done for me! :)

  64. I would like it to my boyfriend his teeth are very bad and bad infection his gum,too. We are very poor that we can’t afford to pay the dentist and never go to the dentist all his life. Thank you!

  65. I would love to give it to a relative or friend but I would have to think about which one. I would love to help so many people for many different reasons!

  66. I would give the money to my sister and brother-in-law. They are amazing people who work very hard. They have 2 children, ages 5 & 3. They tag team the kids with childcare so they don’t get to spend that much time with the kids or alone. They could use a weekend away with dinner and massages. I love them so much. <3

  67. I would give it to my sister. She and her family are driving home for Thanksgiving for the first time in years. I know they struggle, financially and the wear & tear on the car and travel expenses will put a dent in their budget. My mom has dementia, and I know my sis wants my mom to have pictures of us all together to look at to help her remember. It’s tough for her to get home often, because of 2 jobs and raising my nephew. I would love to give her $500 to help with Christmas!

  68. I would give it to our friend’s neighbour. I am not sure of the circumstance but I know she has minimal income. She keep her furnace set at 65 degrees in the winter and eats minimally as well. She also just had a tree split and fall on part of her house. I would love to be able to bless her. I would give the $500 that was for me I would give to another friend. Her family is haveing hard times making ends meat and are having to uproot her family of 6 (with a baby that is 5 months old) to move to another state where they only know one person for a job. They may loose their house if they can’t find a buyer quickly.

  69. I would give to my sister who just started a new job and has no business causal clothing so is always borrowing from friends and family

  70. Oooo I would love to get Invisalign! I would also love to give $500 to my sister. She always makes me smile! :)

  71. I would give the money to my mother. She was a single parent who even after I moved out on my own and am now a single mother myself, she continues to help and support me financially as well as emotionally! I could not ask for a better mother!

  72. I would love something like this for my little sister! She has always been my best friend; someone I could talk to without worrying she would tell mom, or get me in trouble. We always laugh at eachother and with eachother , so for all the smiles and memories she has shared with me, I would love to be able to give this to her! I love her so much and she definitely deserves this!

  73. If I won I’d share with my little sister . Our single mom of 3 could not afford braces for us . Now as adults my sister and I are still self conscious of our smiles . We would love to win this <3 pick me please

  74. I have a sister that is a single Mom with 4 children! My 16yr old niece Sarah is severly Autistic and has Epilepsy along with other health problems! Because of this my sister stays home and takes care of my niece full time. My other niece and nephew cannot live in the home because of the constant care that is needed for Sarah! My sister never does anything for herself! In fact if she won this she would probably buy my niece an IPAD since she has wanted one for her for a very long time! I would love to pay it forward to my sweet sis for all of her dedication and love she gives my niece while putting herself on the “back burner” most ofthe time!

  75. I would love to be able to bless my younger sister. We are only a year apart but I know she would appreciate this. :)

  76. I would give it to my son. He has a new baby, is working hard but is having to temporarily borrow a vehicle to get to work.

  77. My sister is my best friend. She is the most loving and thoughtful person I know. She has gone through a 2 1/2 year battle with stage 3 breast cancer. She is just now feeling like herself but with a new spirit of life! With this gift she could either spend it on things she needs, or spoil herself, which she so deserves!

  78. I’ve always wanted to get my teeth straightened but wasn’t able to because my family didn’t have a lot of money. My mom passed away from breast cancer at an early age leaving my dad to raised 4 kids all by himself while working two jobs. He did everything he was able to do for us. My dentist has suggested getting braces or invisalign but my insurance doesn’t cover it at my age. I would love to share the gift with my sister so she could put it towards her 1 yr old girl.

  79. I would give the money to my mom. She suffers from MS and just found out that she has a tumor under her brain that is going to require surgery. The money would really help her out during this time! She can have my $500 too! Love you mom!!!

  80. If I won I’d give the money to my best friend Emily to help pay off her college loans. She worked super hard to get her degree in physical therapy and she currently works with pediatrics and loves her job but because of her college loans she doesn’t get to come home very often to visit family. We all miss her so much. I’d probably use the money I won to go visit her too!

  81. I would give it to my sister. Through her life she has faced many challenges, those in which some people have never and will never face in their life! She is a single mother of two amazing children, but struggles everyday to make ends meet, without help from the father. With many bills, schooling, groceries, etc it breaks my heart to watch her struggle like she is. But, I know she’s doing it because she loves her children more then anything in this world and wants them to have a great life. If that means she goes without things she may need or want so be it. It hits hard around holidays when she cannot afford to give her children the Christmas that she wants to be able to give them. Although I help out where and when I can I saw this post and this money could help her far more then anyone knows. If I had this money to give her I would, but I don’t. Being able to give this to my sister would be absolutely unbelievable and help an unbelievable amount.

  82. I wanna win this to help out my church get in our building and to help out third world countries.

  83. I would give it to my sister because she is great to me and I have always had a friend in her. we both have crooked teeth and would love to try invisiline i have wanted to try it since i saw it come out. I am 20 years old with a 2 year old daughter and i have kidney failure and have to receive dialysis until i get a transplant so the money would defiantly help… i love u sis

  84. I would give it to me boyfriend who have been taking care of me since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and injured in a fall then car accident. He is without complaint and is always there for me. He is working 7 days a week and on 2 of those days he works a double shift and goes 3 days without sleep. He does this to pay the bills, but food and pay for both our medications. Will has terminal RA and is on weekly oral chemo and Remicade infusions every 8 weeks and that is now cheap. I love Will with all my heart and I believe God put him in my life. He is so deserving to win $500.00. Thanks and good luck everyone!

  85. If i won the money I would fix my bottom teeth I know I probably need dentures but I would feel better about myself. For the other money I would give half to my church to help those in need and help a friend who need help with their mouth which is worst than mine

  86. My name is alice im 36 live in a small town in ma. I have three children. And married. I have always had nice teeth never ate lots of junk my mom spent lots of money on my teeth for braces. I always bruch any chance i get. Well when i got pregnant with my son 16 years ago i got sick with thyroid disease along with graves disease. Then about 3 years ago i was diagnosed with myostemea gravis its almost like fibro but your eyes droop. I do not work becouse i am care taker for my husband so i dont work. So about 6 years ago i started loosing my teeth so verry upsetting u go from nice smile to non smile. I would love to get that back. If i win i would give the other five to my sister for my nieces braces its hard for her but i try and help her cant have my niece have bad teeth if shes gonna be a singer. I thank you for takibg the time in helping other people who dont have the means to do it themselves. Sincerly alice

  87. I would love to give the money to my best friend of 10 years and her husband. Like us, they have fallen on hard times and could use the hand out. I love my friend to death who has always been and will be a sister to me.

  88. I would use the money for Christmas as we have been having to take care of my mother in law . We pay for a cleaning crew to clean every week at her apartment which takes money out of our budget . We are behind in our bills so Christmas will be hard . I have 3 kids ,,, a 17 yr old , a 14 yr old , and a 12 yr old . The other $500 I would give to my mother in law to take care of her cleaning service .

  89. I world give it to my mom and dad for all they have done for me also for all their financial strugles over that years with my dad being sick with cancer, and his back problem’s now not working.

  90. I came from a Family of eight children, with me the third eldest and with the most crooked teeth ever! When I was younger, My parents both work but their wages was $7.00/hr for each of them. They have insurance but the deductible was only $500/person in the family. After cleaning they have nothing left to paid for my teeth to be fix or get brace. Now that I am in my 30′s, I am a poor stay at home mom because both my husband n I couldn’t afford babysitter for our four children. With money so tight n we have bad insurance. I am unable to care for my teeth. I feel like the older I get the crooked my teeth are n it’s getting more crowded. I get every month check up, my dentist advise me get adult braces n take my wisdow teeth out. I can’t afford to do that. When I was in my teen years, pple always tell me I have beautiful smile n I believe it dispise how badly crooked n crowded my teeth are. Now that I am getting older, I don’t believe that anymore. I have lots of work to do on my teeth. I needed permanent fillings n crow on one of my tooth. Right now I only have tempory n it’s been in there for the last two years. I haven’t gotten permanent. I am afraid to eat on one side of my mouth afraid that that tooth would crack. I eat on the other side of the mouth and food would get stuck on that side n it hurt to eat. If I get this $500 to spend and pay it forward, I give it to anyone who is in as desperate help as I am. Thank you!

  91. I would love a new smile I hate to smile cuz I gave a huge piece of my front tooth and my front teeth are going to snap off any minute I wish so bad I could fix my front teeth so I could be confident to smile once again this is an amazing story but are I would give my fiancee a great smile he has an absessed I tooth and it is going to hit his sinuses soon I wish it could be now 500 dollars would be a lot when you don’t have dental insurance I know he would love a new smile my daughter has chronic asthma and they say that if you gave bad teeth the infection in your mouth you can get them suck just by kissing them

  92. I really used to love to smile then I got a gum diesease from some dental work I had done which caused me to lose all my upper teeth I would do anything to be able to afford upper dentures,and I would love to be able to get my husband some dentures of a 30 yr.marriage so he could eat better he is diabete and has a really hard time eatingo

  93. I would have given anything to have had my teeth fixed as a child. My parent couldn’t afford it but they did the best they could for our big family.

  94. I would share this with my mother. She had a stroke almost two years ago in December. She lost a lot of weight , sight and 95% of her teeth. Is like to put that towards a new smile for her so she can smile more and laugh more . She loves more than anyone I know and I want her. To be comfortable with her self and see her beauty. I pray she will win this. Love you mom

  95. I would give it to my sister so she could use it towards getting a tooth pulled that’s been bothering her a lot. She is a single parent so her kids always come first. She would this time. A tooth problem can become infected and poison a persons system. I worry about her.

  96. I would use mine to put towards the cost of getting bite plate or tooth whitening for upcoming wedding
    I would give the other to my fiancé who is in dyer need of dental work and has been wanting to get front tooth fixed for years but hasn’t had the money to do so.

  97. This isn’t so much for me… I only have teeth on the bottom that bother me. My Husband, Daniel works his tail off at his normal 7 to 4 job and then comes home and spends his nights and weekends taking care of the family cattle farm. He is very proud of the work that he does, but you would never know it… He won’t smile since one of his front teeth is crooked. Sometimes people take him the wrong way because he doesn’t smile. He is a wonderful father, husband and a very caring person. Ever since we have had our two girls he has put his needs on the back burner for theirs. I hope one day that the world can know the wonderful man that I do.

  98. I could really use it to buy Christmas gifts for my 3 children. Im a single mother for over a year now. And this year I don’t have any way of buying them their Christmas gifts. The other would be for my father. Whom I am so thankful for and appreciative because my kids and I have been staying in his home all this time. He has been a great help for us. I can’t give him what I should, but this would be a good help for the two of us.

  99. I would definitely give it to my mom. She raised 4 girls on her own after my father died of cancer when we were really young, & we never went without even if it meant huge sacrifices for her. She still helps us all out to this day & I would love for her to be able to get something nice for herself without worrying about the cost!

  100. I have a retainer to help keep my bottom teeth from getting worse i am hoping someday I can afford the invisiline braces then I saw this on Facebook so I am entering. I really want to win. Thank you

  101. I am 35 years old and have always been told that I needed braces ever since I was a little girl. However, I was raised by a single parent and therefore my mother did not have the money to be able to get me braces. I also had 2 brothers and we were all raised by her. Her situation left us without very many things but she always tried to make sure we had what we needed. She had a disease called MS and with God’s help raised us while in a wheelchair, currently she lives in a nursing home but is unable to do anything for herself. Now I have 3 children all girls and am raising them on my own. My 2 older children show signs of needing braces just as I did and still do. If I won this money I would use it to help my children and being that Christmas is right around the corner it would probably buy their Christmas seeing that currently I am out of work because I got laid off.

  102. I am only 490 yrs old and ten years ago my teeth got soft and started falling out. I don’t smile, date and missed my class reunion. I’m missing out on life and my mother was trying to help me save for my teeth to be done, until she suddenly passed. My sisters teeth are wearing down and our self-esteem is terrible…please help!

    • *40 yrs old

  103. This year has been a trying one – I am getting divorced and my rock (my mom) has stood by me every step of the way and helped me in anyway she could. I would give her the $500 to go on a get away, because while I have had my issues that she is helping me with she has also had her own – she is a silent partner in a business and has had all of the financial burden placed on her, the company is sinking quickly and her partner blew the money they had made and is now leaving as quickly as possible… :(

  104. if I won I would give the other 500 to my mother in law. She is disabled,single and only receive her monthly check, she does not have any dental coverage and recently two of her teeth have broken and she has not been able to get them fixed.with my prize I would try and see if I could possibly fix my boyfriend teeth he works very hard to keep a roof over our head and he has neglected his own needs for dental care. He currently does not eat much because it hurts so much to eat. We don’t have the money to fix it.

  105. My brother in law has a terminal illness and my dear sister has been going through a very rough time. I try to be there and help as much as I can by being a good moral support. I would use the money to take her on a much needed vacation next summer. She is exhausted and this is so stressful for the entire family. They have been together 33 years. Retirement plans are out of the question at this point, all hopes and dreams are gone. I would love to be able to do something wonderful for her. We both had braces in our 30′s and highly recommend them. Your never to old for braces!

  106. I would give it to my sister who as a single mother like me has struggled to provide for her daughter’s and has not been able to do for herself. I guess we definitely get it from our mother which we came first and she never had enough for herself.

  107. I would give it to my sister, who is a single mother like me has always done for her daughter’s and has left herself for last. We get that from our mother!! :-)

  108. I would give it to my fiancé, he always seems to shy away from smiling because of his teeth. I personally think they are fine but if this would make him happy then I’m all for it!

  109. Hi cherrie singel mother of three my dad passed when I was nine he left me money for braces 5 years I wore them I spent everything I had on them some one hit me with a go cart broke my front tooth and bottem teeth shifted I would luv to fix my bottoms fo my dad that his money he left did me some good when I got older it’s all I have and thanks:)

  110. I am a social worker for homeless youth. I work long, hard hours at an hourly rate that may not even match the cashiers at some local grocery stores… But I enjoy what I do and this is what I was destined to do with my life. There are days that I leave before my 4 young boys get up for school and return after they have gone to bed, but they are as passionate and understanding about what I do as I am. My husband and I just this evening went to neighbors houses collecting goods for the young homeless that I am about to help move into their new homes with their little babies. I will deliver their “new” items tomorrow to them and I can’t wait to see their faces. Because I work for a low pay I am struggling to make this Christmas special for my own 4 boys. If I received this money I would share the other $500 with the non-profit organization that I work with. It would go to benefit the homeless teens/youth that I work with. The $500 I won would help my 4 boys enjoy a Christmas to remember. Thank you for your consideration and happy holidays!!

  111. I would give the money to my sister. She has worked hard to take Cate ofmy niece all by herself for the last 18 year’s. She has health issues she needs to take care of for herself.

  112. I would give some to the homeless man and his 2 dogs whose sit in front of walmart. Some to church, some to family and friends who really need it. Thank you. GOD BLESS

  113. I am a single mom with 4 kids…youngest is 17 now. All 4 have had braces to give them beautiful smiles. I put everything into them….and have disregarded my own teeth. I now have 4 broken teeth and gum disease. I just don’t make enough money to afford any work done.
    If I won, I would get what could be fixed taken care of. I’d pay it forward to an old neighbour who was supposed to get his false teeth but couldn’t afford them. He doesn’t speak to anyone because he is so embarrassed that he’s only got 2 teeth. A man with a big heart who deserves to smile…

  114. If I won this I would use both on my children. Being a single mom is tough enough by itself but once the kids start hitting Tweens and looks become important nothing can stop the I hate my smile like orthodontics which sadly cost an arm an a leg. I think getting a card in their stocking saying they get Invisalign would be a gift in itself!!!

  115. I think I would pay my child care with $500 extra dollars! I would give the other $500 to my child care provider for her honeymoon. She takes such amazing care of our kids & I wish I could pay her what she’s worth!

  116. I would give it to my best friend. :)
    Maybe we can spend it on tickets to visit each other since we live 3000 miles apart!

  117. I would give it to my coach Erin. She is a single girl moved to our area for a relationship that didn’t work out. She has stuck around and started a gym and is changing lives every day! She could use the extra money to help buy more equipment and replace worn out pieces. She is so motivating and helps people of every fitness level improve their lives. There are people who could barely walk 500 meters a few months ago, who are now jogging it! She is there every day and for the most part does it all herself (including cleaning the toilets). Heck, i would give her my 500$ too.

  118. I would be so very grateful for this opportunity to better myself and my children’s father aka soon to be husband with this economy raising three kids hasn’t been easy for us so what ever income that comes in always goes to our kids we always put our family first and ourselfs last which we love to do since they are our life but we suffer in the long run we don’t have insurance and rather the money goes to them and we both can really truly use this thank you! thank you! thank you! all so very much for this wonderful opertunity happy holidays and god bless! :)

  119. If I were to I would give the money to my dear friend who just loss her precious son, to help cover funeral expenses. No parent should ever have to know the pain of loosing their sweet child. Sadly it happens and most times it’s unexpected. Prayers for peace and comfort for them and their families. ♡

  120. I would use the money to give at Christmas. I love to give- usually give more than I can afford. The other $500 – I would give to one of my past students that is graduated and working so hard to make things work. I feel like a “I believe in you scholarship”would go a long way with her. Thanks for the opportunity.

  121. I’ve recently been through a pregnancy full of dental issues and would love to rid the problem all together I also have a mom who would love to get her dental issues corrected ill love to be the reason she can get some kind of relief to her pain!!

  122. I looked at all the comments before mine and boy do they have some stories to make you cry. I was almost scared to write mine. I just simply need the money for several different things. one.. My bottom teeth are also shifting so invisiline would be awwesome to fix that as I am in a career where looks matter. I have never had braces and just would love to be able to feel better about myself,

  123. I would pay it forward to my 9 year old. I have bad teeth and went to dentist today(12-04-13). Jacob goes back Monday to put spacers on with Dr. Landry in Gonzales, La. It’s been a big financial deal not having insurance to cover his teeth. Our child’s teeth is very important to us , so regardless of winning we will try our hardest to give him the best we can provide.

  124. I would gift it to a donated dental. I have over $2,000 worth of work that needs done one my mouth. I had 5 years of braces and then had a baby and just got to busy working and taking care of my son. I would love if everyone thought this way. Donate dental to people who need it. Some of us are trying and a lot just don’t notice. God bless you! Your smile looks amazing and there’s nothing like straight teeth I am thankful for that!

  125. I would give it to my friend Zack because he has always given so much to others, fixed an elderly lady’s bathroom plumbing for free, fallen trees for his cancer ridden uncle and just an all around sweet soul. He could use a few extra bucks to get a good coat and work boots, for all the things he does for other people he never takes hand outs or charity. He deserves a special gift like this…

  126. I would give it to my brother. He is currently homeless with my 3nephews and wife. They r in Kansas and we live in California. The army let him go and he has no where to go and were told to leave their home. This is one of the sad stories people dont hear about the negative sides of the military. I want them to have somewhere to go for Xmas and I pray they find a job ASAP!!

  127. I never smile i would love to be completely confident and smile.

  128. I am a 40 year old teacher who has NO dental ins…I am a single mom. For years I have been missing teeth..born with little adult teeth under my baby teeth. So chewing food is hard. Can’t eat a lot of foods. And I never smile on purpose. If I laugh I cover my mouth. I AM a happy person. Please help!

  129. 2 of my daughters needs braces. I would love to pay if forward for them to get braces.

  130. Mia Banks

  131. i would give it to my mom. since my Dad had passed things have been hard for her to keep yo her teeth. it would maker her feel so good.

  132. I would take my $500 and gather christmas for my kids because resources are extremely low right now. I would take the other $500 and give to the needy or adopt a family for the holidays, because I realize If im going thru hard times, there are other kids who need as well.

  133. I’d give the money to my cousin who is expecting a baby boy in March! She really could use the money to get much needed baby supplies that she cannot afford at the moment. Thanks for the opportunity!

  134. I would love to see my brother and sister smiling without being shy.
    My sister has a falls teeth and my brother doesn’t have ( he doesn’t have 4 front teeth.

    I want them to have a beautiful smile on their face. Everytime my sister will smile she didn’t open her lips, even in photos…as my brother too.

    I have a falls teeth also my some of my teeth are in really bad condition but I prefer to give it to my sister and my brother.

  135. My sister Laura and I are both single parents, so $500 would come in real handy! :)

  136. I would split the money between my to good friends. We are all in hard places right now and they would appreciate it. Love them!

  137. I would give everything and then some to needy children and adults. I myself have had YEARS of dental issues, so if I could make a difference in someone’s smile…BRING IT ON!!! Greetings from Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands.

  138. Hi there!
    I would love to be able to give the gift to my girlfriend who is going through a rough time. She is recently separated and now has 3 absolutely adorable children to care for on her own. Like myself, she doesn’t have family close by and I know she would appreciate being able to do something special for her children if given a helping hand such as you are offering so graciously. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered. :)

  139. I would love to give the $500 to my ex-husband who has been unemployed for several years. He is a great father and takes care of our twin boys which has allowed me to continue to work. If I was fortunate enough to win, I would give the other $500 to the Twins. One son posted “be thankful for what you have. It’s Better than having nothing”. His statement just touched my heart. Thank you for the consideration and the opportunity. I truly appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you and your Family.

  140. My mom would get half and my boyfriend the other half. Cause I owe them.

  141. I’d like to share $500 with my friend Tasha. She is currently raising money to help pay for the Diabetes Service Dog ($25,000) her family recently got for her son who has severe juvenile diabetes……and she’s a single mother.

  142. If I was lucky enough to win this, I would share it all with my ex husband and dear friend. He has battled a work place injury, sudden onset heart condition and now cancer all in a year’s time and not let that stop him from being the best dad he can be to our son. No matter what life throws at him, he just keeps going. The illnesses have taken a toll on his ability to work so the money would be a HUGE blessing on him.

  143. I’m due with our second son in March; we live on a limited income while I’m finishing school and my husband is on contract with his company. This would be amazing; I have a good friend expecting in February and she could use the help too!

  144. I would share the money with my mother because she has helped me with all the struggles I have gone thru this year, it wud be the perfect Christmas/birthday gift i could ever give her.

  145. I’d give it to my step-son’s father. he’s had some major medical issues that have been rather rough on him the past year and half. He still manages to scrap together whatever he can to do for his son at whatever the cost to himself. The money would give him a little breathing room while he’s recovering from radiation therapy 5 days a week. I want him to be in my step-son’s life for as long as humanly possible so we have been helping him out with whatever we can: clothes, groceries,bills, etc to try to help lessen the financial stress he’s been under.

  146. I would give it to my aunt. She’s been out of work for a while and could really use it :)

  147. My biggest fear is having a terrible smile. My bottom teeth are crooked and overlap. As someone who spends her time smiling and laughing, it can be difficult on my self esteem. I had to have a tooth pulled and now they’re shifting everywhere. It makes me so sad.

  148. I would give this to my son who could use some dental help, without inurance it won’t happen.

  149. This would be great I’m a smoker and my teeth are horrible I would also give to my mother she’s a smoker as we’ll and this would be so perfect for us!!

  150. This is what I need to feel more confident about myself !

  151. O.M.G!!! You have no idea how bad I need this!!

    • O.M.G!!! You have no idea how bad I need this!! Oh and I would totally give one to my husband.. Because he deserves it too! He works very hard for us. :)

  152. I would give it to my sister who’s a struggling single Mom. So she could get herself and my 9yr old nephew some necessary items for their new apartment, because unfortunately I can’t afford to help her financially.

  153. I’d love to fix my smile, and I’d give it to my friend who also needs some work done since she had kids her teeth have become soft.

  154. I would give it to our beloved babysitter, Vee. She’s a single mom of 3 kids and we just found out she has advanced cancer. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks after surgery to remove what they could get. I’d love to bless her as she has blessed our family in so many ways.

  155. I don’t necessarily have only ONE person I’d like to help, I have multiple. So many people I know could just use $100 for maybe a few bills, or food, different basic necessities. I know it sounds vague, but it would be a massive help and blessing, not just for me but the others I want to bless with this money.

  156. I would love to win $500 & I would love to give $500 to my sister, Christa. What a blessing this would be for us both:)

  157. I would give to my mom. She hasn’t had Dental Insurance since I graduated High School because her job no longer offers it. She is a part-time worker and can barely meet her daily living expenses. This would be such a blessing for her and boost her self-esteem.

  158. I would love to win this and give it ALL to my mom! My mom grew up in a big (15 kids) but poor family and never really had any health or dental care growing up. She sacrificed for her own kids and made sure we were all well cared for as we were growing up, that we would have the things she never had. I would have loved to have done Invisalign but I hadn’t heard of it back then- I was a classic metal mouth! While her own teeth have been long gone, she made sure we had smiles that we would not be ashamed of someday. I owe her for the many sacrifices she made for us kids and would love to be able to surprise her with a gift. While I can’t fix her teeth, I hope this would still help her smile as she could really use the monetary help right now to fix so many things in her life. I just want to say thank you for the chance to pay this forward!

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